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Napa Vineyard

Astreea® and California wineries make the perfect pairing!

Wineries across California welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. As tours, tasting rooms, and retail stores prepare to reopen, vineyards are taking every precaution possible to help protect their guests against COVID-19.

And while safety is paramount, aesthetics are important too. Wineries have invested millions of dollars to ensure their visitor centers reflect the quality of their brands. For most, that means the tacky plastic hand sanitizer dispensers seen in public locations everywhere won’t cut it.

Napa Valley’s Brasswood and Opus One were the first two wineries to tap the Astreea® pedal hand sanitizer dispenser. Both companies were initially drawn to Astreea’s® sleek, stainless steel design and touchless function. Just as with fine wines, however, they discovered a lot more lies beyond the captivating label. Astreea® marries beautiful form with practical design. It is durable, requires no power, and uses any sanitizer product, allowing staff to focus their attention on guests rather than on refilling cartridges and changing batteries.

Look for Astreea® at your favorite winery when it reopens. Don’t see one of our dispensers? Let us know and we will be happy to reach out to them!

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