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Astreea® cell. Fixing the world from the core.

Behind the complicated world we see through a microscope lie the simplest of needs. Massive testing in the past months has put a strain on medical staff and labs are running around the clock, in the race for quick, valid results. COVID-19 has forever changed the world of lab testing.

As we find our ground in these strange times, we struggle to figure out the missing pieces of the puzzle. Like always, the devil is in the details. So, we took a step back and looked at what the world needed.

This is how we thought of Astreea® cell.

Astreea® cell is a cell plate designed for blood laboratory testing for COVID-19, and it comes in two sizes, with 15 or 20 wells. Because doctors and technicians can’t run their tests without them.

We’re sending out astreea cell to hospitals starting today, free of charge. Because it’s the little things that change the world.

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