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Astreea is now protecting Pendry hotels, the brand rethinking luxury around the world

We all have imagined luxury hotels drenching in gold, with people catering to our every need. Well, to some, luxury is a necessity. Pendry hotel owners believe, however, that the new generation of high-end customers has a whole different take on luxury – they are well-traveled and have a high appreciation for fine art, architecture, and bold experiences. So, the last thing you want is to offer your guests a taste of the same old luxury.

There’s always a twist with the magnificent Pendry hotels – they may have Persian rugs and hardwood floors, but that’s not what gives the sense of luxury. It’s the astonishing practicality and the constant surprises guests are in for. Astreea adds to the surprise and is now protecting all Pendry hotels.

Because safety should not be a luxury.


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