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Astreea now guards FC Barça’s home; Camp Nou is open for visits!

We all have a bucket list for things to do and places to see. And millions of football lovers dream of cheering on Camp Nou, at least once in their lifetime. It’s undoubtedly the Mecca of world football, as nothing compares to being surrounded by 100,000 ecstatic fans!

FC Barcelona’s “home” is the largest stadium in Europe and one of the main tourist attractions in Spain. It may be hard for all supporters, since COVID-19 has made it impossible to have fans on-site during the matches. But management found a way to keep the doors open for visits. Astreea had an important role in that, as our XL model sanitizers are guarding the place every football enthusiast dreams to visit.

Because, like Barça defines it in its motto, it’s “more than a club”!


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