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Business Village

Business Village is all about the wild side of digital; while they protect biodiversity, Astreea is there to protect the people.

Somewhere near Paris, there’s a land where technology coexists in perfect harmony with nature. It’s called the Business Village and the owners take great pride in exploring digital grounds in a corner of heaven, while protecting biodiversity. This conference center has over 200 cottages built around it, in a fairytale scenery – an undisturbed forest in the wilderness. Oh, and they offer working sessions on luxurious boats that take you down the Seine. It’s a beautiful balance that the owners promise to keep.

And we all want to go back to basics, without having to give up on our progress. In the Business Village, professionals everywhere take time to breathe and explore nature while challenging their minds. But every moment of peace counts. So, to keep their guests safe, Business Village brought in Astreea. With a lifetime guarantee, coexisting with nature.

Because some things should last forever.

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