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Celebrity nightclub Annabel’s in London reopens for exclusive clientele; royalty treatment is now complete with Astreea®

Oh, if these walls could talk! Annabel’s private members’ club probably holds the most memorable stories ever lived, as legendary stars like Frank Sinatra, Mick Jagger and Madonna partied the night away in this luxurious London setting. But Annabel’s is not only for the rich and famous. It’s actually the only nightclub Queen Elisabeth II went into. It is said Her Majesty quite enjoyed the gin she had inside!

No wonder Annabel’s exclusive venue is like catnip to celebrities and blue bloods around the world! As its club members all deserve to get royalty treatment, that is exactly what we delivered with our Astreea® Black Edition pedal hand sanitizer.

As the famous rush to Annabel’s, we’re there to greet them at the door. Not only that, but we’re also safeguarding guests in style in every Caprice Group restaurant in London. We’re hard to miss, as our premium dispenser is not only safe, but also chic and Instagram ready!

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