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Chanel reinvented black into timeless elegance and Astreea couldn’t agree more. Our premium Black edition is a perfect match for this power brand.

Nothing says iconic luxury like Chanel. In fact, black was just a lifeless color before Chanel turned it into a fashion statement. This power brand was the first to introduce the little black dress to Parisian high society and Hollywood stars; and here we are, almost 100 years later, still worshiping this trend. Coco envisioned taste in timeless lines and believed that black ‘accentuated the essential’, so this remained the symbol of elegance throughout the years.

Chanel is still rocking runways and dictates fashion while keeping its original class. Since black is part of the founder’s flawless heritage, the Astreea premium Black edition was a perfect match for Chanel. It’s simple, yet sophisticated, timeless and elegant.

“Fashion passes, style remains”, said Coco Chanel. We definitely agree.

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