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Astreea igloo

The new igloo is here

to protect the Normal.

Technical details?

where {d} is the diameter at the igloo base,
{h} is the height, {gamma } is the unit weight of the snow,
and {alpha =arctan(4h/d).

Let’s do it easy way.

Entirely manufactured in EU and USA from aerospace aluminium
6063. Winter cover made of thick premium transparent Crystal PVC
film. Protective sealed top for heavy snow and rain.
Equipped with special zipper door. Clothing racks.
Ready to use screws and holes for connecting any
decorations. Electrical system ready.
Aluminium brackets for floor connection. Lighting Philips
system(or equivalent) . Available Astreea weights. Three sizes.
Exclusive summer accessories. Incredible value for money.

Welcome to the greatest igloo in the world.


You can transform
an Astreea igloo
into… anything.

See video

Design and
in US
and Europe.

igloo weights

The New Astreea igloo available in 3 models, M, L and XL, and 5 different covers to match every season.

igloo m

Astreea igloo
Model M- 3.03m (119.3in)

  • 2-6 people
  • 3.03m (119.3in) maximum diameter
  • 2.5m (80.70in) base diameter
  • 2.3m (90.5in) height
igloo l

Astreea igloo
Model L- 3.72m (146.45in)

  • 4-10 people
  • 3.72m (146.45in) maximum diameter
  • 3.2m (125.98in) base diameter
  • 2.5m (98.42in) height
igloo xl

Astreea igloo
Model XL- 4.84m (190.55in)

  • Up to 16 people
  • 4.84m (190.55in) maximum diameter
  • 4.2m (165.35in) base diameter
  • 2.75m (108.26in) height

You can use our igloo all
year round, because our
accessories never go out
of style.

Check out the plug-and-play solutions to fit your every need!

Transform your igloo
into a beach/pool
luxurious canopy bed.

Starting from €299,00

Transform your igloo
into a unique umbrella with
mosquito net.

Starting from €299,00

Your igloo can become a
summer intimate place.
With view.

Starting from €299,00

For your private events,
Astreea igloo can be the most
original idea.

Starting from €299,00

Your igloo hotel in a
spectacular glamping

Starting from €299,00

Contact Astreea
for support and service

Please contact us for any further questions or details:

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