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igloo accessories


You can transform
an Astreea igloo
into… anything.

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Would you believe us
if we told you
that a winter igloo
can be used even
in the hottest summer?


Astreea igloo Umbrella.
Transform your igloo
into a unique umbrella with a mosquito net.

Waterproof textile top cover + magnetic mosquito net. Takes you 30 seconds to open the net.

Starting from €299,00

Astreea igloo Beach.
Transform your igloo into a luxurios beach canopy.

Luxury canopy textile cover in various colours for summer use.

Starting from €299,00

Astreea igloo Panorama.
Transform your igloo into an igloo with a view.

Panoramic waterproof textile cover in various colours, with detachable mosquito front, to keep your privacy from unwelcomed guests.

Starting from €299,00

Astreea igloo Privacy.
An igloo transformed into
a hotel room.

Complete privacy interior curtain, for your most intimate moments. Normally used for glamping.

Starting from €299,00

See the stars with
Astreea igloo Privacy
with Sky View.

Side interior textile curtain for a complete glamping experience. You have a complete sky view.

Starting from €299,00

Astreea igloo Expo.
Your original booth for your brand.

Custom made


igloo weights

Add style to your igloo
with Astreea Flower

Made of stainless steel, 8kg (3.63lb). Can be filled with up to 50kg (22.72lb) of sand or flower soil. Needed: M-7, L-9, XL-11 units

From €99,00

Sand Astreea Weight.
The easy way to fix your igloo.

Weight made of textile material. Can be filled with up to 15kg of sand. Needed: M-7, L-9, XL-11 units

From 10,00

igloo spare parts

Astreea igloo
replacement cover.

Spare PVC transparent cover

From €299,00

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for support and service

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