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Astreea igloo Classic



The classic igloo model never go out of fashion.
Equipped with a special door for high traffic,
Astreea igloo reinvented the whole idea.

Astreea igloo Classic is the perfect solutions
for those who want a restaurant terrace with a separate
zone for staff traffic in each igloo
offering more intimacy to customers
and a additional barrier against outside cold air.


Astreea igloo Classic
available in 3 models,
M, L and XL.


Astreea igloo
Model M- 3.03m (119.3in)

  • 2-6 people
  • 3.03m (119.3in) maximum diameter
  • 2.5m (80.70in) base diameter
  • 2.3m (90.5in) height
  • 4.00m (157.48in) max length
  • Packaging (2 boxes):
  • Box 1: 2050x560x250mm 45kg (80.70×22.04×9.84in 99lb)
  • Box 2: 1200x750x250mm 25kg (47.24×29.52×9.84in 55lb)

Astreea igloo
Model L- 3.72m (146.45in)

  • 4-6 people
  • 3.72m (146.45in) maximum diameter
  • 3.2m (125.98in) base diameter
  • 2.5m (98.42in) height
  • 4.70m (185.03in) max length
  • Packaging (2 boxes):
  • Box 1: 2050x560x250mm 50kg (80.70×22.04×9.84in 110lb)
  • Box 2: 1200x750x250mm 31kg (47.24×29.52×9.84in 61.60lb)

Astreea igloo
Model XL- 4.84m (190.55in)

  • Up to 16 people
  • 4.84m (190.55in) maximum diameter
  • 4.2m (165.35in) base diameter
  • 2.75m (108.26in) height
  • 5.70m (224.40in) max length
  • Packaging (2 boxes):
  • Box 1: 2050x560x270mm 60kg (80.70×22.04×10.62in 132lb)
  • Box 2: 1200x750x250mm 43kg (47.24×29.52×9.84in 94.60lb)

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