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ING Bank chooses Astreea® to be their solution for protecting their customers

We are proud to be entering the banking industry. ING Bank chose Astreea® for their locations.

ING Bank is part of ING Group, an international financial institution of Dutch origin that offers banking and asset management services for individual clients, companies and institutions from over 40 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

The pedal hand sanitizer is the best solution for a bank, because money can carry a lot of germs and viruses.

Money carries a whole host of germs, so always wash your hands after handling currency.

“Money serves as a fomite, an inanimate vehicle by which pathogens can be spread,” says Charles Bailey, MD, medical director for infection prevention at Providence St. Joseph Health.

For example, if you touch the money, then touch someone else’s hand, you can spread the germs to them. Or, if you touch dirty money and then touch a door knob, elevator button, or the touchscreen at the ATM, you could also spread infection. 

Both bills and coins can hang onto those germs, giving them a chance to spread via the hand of anyone who handles them, according to Richard Honaker, MD, a family medicine physician in Virginia and chief medical advisor at Your Doctors Online.

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