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Introducing Astreea Igloo – here to keep restaurants open around the world

The HoReCa industry took a serious blow this year. Restaurants around the world are forced to reinvent their service, as indoor spaces stay closed for the winter.

Astreea is introducing the Igloo, the beautifully designed solution keeping both customers and hospitality business owners happy. Astreea Igloo has a robust aluminum aerospace-grade structure, as well as a protective thick PVC film making a night out possible, even when temperatures go well below zero. Its transparent cover allows for clients to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in an intimate setting, while savoring their favorite dish off the menu. All this, while saving businesses everywhere.

Astreea Igloo is a versatile solution. During hot summer days, its outer layer can be replaced with sheer mosquito netting, so foodies can continue their tasty rides, no matter what. Astreea is here to reinvent service and make people appreciate the great outdoors.

Because we shouldn’t give up on wining and dining under the stars.

More info under www.astreea.com/igloo

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