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Astreea Igloo beach

Introducing the Astreea Igloo accessories – built around safety and comfort

Did you know that Inuits have 50 different words for snow? This inspired us to find just as many uses for our newly launched Igloo.
Astreea is introducing a whole range of accessories ready to transform your Igloo into any desired solution. Because the Astreea Igloo is so much more than a winter fix. Yes, it fits heaters and special lighting, it has weather-resistant covers and a light aluminum structure. But it can easily be turned into a canopy bed on the side of a pool or by the sea. And it can fit a wild forest setting by replacing its cover with netting, to protect people from insects. And, wherever it is placed, it offers a 360° view of the surroundings.
You may only see the exquisite design, but all our Igloo’s accessories are built around safety and comfort. So, join us in discovering its many uses and give new meanings to the igloo with Astreea!
Let’s protect the new normal together!

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