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Introducing the game changer: Astreea SafeCity

Like an eternal heartbeat, a city’s life never stops. Communities around the world keep learning to adapt to a whole new life. A hybrid one.
Astreea introduces SafeCity – a premium pedal hand dispenser encompassing the robustness of the citadel. SafeCity is a hybrid solution designed to fit any urban setting. An unbreakable case shields a three-Liter canister that can be used by thousands of people in one day. Citizens can stay safe at the push of a pedal, which is uniquely attached, so the hands don’t touch anything. The integrated Astreea Open solution accommodate the needs of those who are physically challenged.
SafeCity was created to belong in any surrounding, inside and outside – at the bus station, in the hospital, on the way to your office, in your park.  It was made to protect day and night, standing the tests of weather and time.
Because we all need a SafeCity.

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