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Islanders of Saint Martin’s claim they live in heaven. Astreea is now there to keep them in good health.

Somewhere between the Celtic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean lies a small archipelago called St Martin’s. It’s a British territory and is part of the Scilly Isles, a rather exotic place people visit for the sandy beaches and great snorkeling sessions. But, let’s not forget the locals. Population? 136 😊 
Despite living on a tiny island, the locals claim to have it all. The weather, the beaches, the Ocean, and the romantic spirit one needs to desire such a setting. It’s a magical place kept alive with arts and crafts, with people embracing the simple pleasures of life. So, we came to stay – Astreea now guards the only shop on the island, to keep everyone there in good health. 
Have you planned your next holiday already? 

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