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Imperial Cork Hotel

Leprechauns may not be real, but this is: Astreea’s Gold edition is the treasure in Cork City’s Imperial Hotel.

Legend has it that Ireland’s full of hidden pots of gold. Whether we believe in leprechauns or not, this magical land’s treasures are definitely worth exploring! In the heart of it, there’s a city named Cork. Beyond the mystical chase, you can find fortresses and churches, traditional markets and splendid scenery – and they all make people want more of this Irish gem. The Imperial Hotel reigns the center of Cork, spoiling all tourists with the best this city has to offer.

And yes, this is where people actually do reach the end of the rainbow and there’s gold waiting 😊 Astreea’s Gold edition is proudly safeguarding The Imperial in style.

So, how do you say “I love Astreea” in Gaelic? 😊

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