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London’s JKS restaurants send you on a spicy culinary experience; Astreea® is there to make sure nothing gets in the way of the perfect bite

They say taste has memory and a single bite has the power to take us back in time. But what if the perfect bite would actually transport you to times when a Maharaja treated you to a lavish dinner in the far East? Or you’d simply mind-travel to an old castle in Spain, having the sound of castanets accompanying your dish?

The premium JKS restaurants have taken fostering culinary obsession to another level. That means giving its tasters that choice of escapism in different corners of the world, with one single bite. The chefs’ fixation to recreate magic in a plate has taken restaurants like Gymkhana, Trishna or Sabor on the go-to list of every foodie in London.

Matching their well-deserved Michelin stars, Astreea® has sent their black edition pedal hand sanitizers to safeguard JKS’s guests in all 15 high-end restaurants in Central London. Because nothing should get in the way of the perfect bite.

Have you ever dined with an Indian prince?

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