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McLaren speeds its way to the top with Astreea

McLaren doesn’t just race to innovate; it innovates to race. And they have a proven track record that they make every second count on the circuit.  Their Speedtail model went straight into the fastest cars’ Top 10 last year. New technologies, dedicated engineers and pure British commitment simply make this racing giant a showstopper.

It takes great dedication to stay at the top of your game, and McLaren knows all about that. Precision engineering is what keeps the daredevil drivers’ blood pumping on the track. Their lives lie in the steady hands of a production team that knows there’s no room for error.

The race for success starts at the drawing board; on the factory lines; in testing rounds. And Astreea is there to nurture the dream. Our pedal hand sanitizers assure everyone’s safety, so great minds can race to innovate.

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