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Meet Astreea+, the world’s bestselling sanitizer subscription service

We’ve done it again – Astreea is now introducing sanitizer as a service, a monthly subscription keeping everyone safe. And yes, it is as good as it sounds – no upfront deposit while getting full customer service.

Astreea+ was created to offer more support to our clients. We’ve designed a package including one Large Astreea Pedal Dispenser, 4 Sanitizer Gel refills, and a subscription to a management portal. All are available for a monthly subscription backed by our very own white glove customer service. What your customers get is a premium experience. What you get is a great brand reputation, while spending far less.

Astreea+ is currently available only for our US clients but make sure to check for worldwide availability soon. We’re in high demand!

More info on www.astreeaplus.com


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