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Michelin-starred restaurant Locanda Locatelli chose Astreea

Marylebone has its very own Italian Inn, bringing the flavors of Tuscany all the way to London. It’s called Locanda Locatelli and it’s stolen the hearts of pasta-loving foodies already! This is one of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants Londoners can find and they are queuing up to have a taste! 
This place is so much more than a culinary experience. It’s friendly and full of laughs, much like the beautiful restaurants in San Gimignano. Aside from the incredible pasta, it’s that typical Italian vibe that attracts people like bees to honey.  It may be posh to hug and kiss at the end, in good Italian fashion, but the owners will have none of that in these times. Strict rules allow for happy customers to keep coming back. To go in, you must use our Astreea sanitizers at the door (one simple pedal push!) or any you might find inside. 
How do you say “I want another helping, please” in Italian? 

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