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Now, Astreea® can be ordered with sanitizer gel included.

Astreea® Safe is a professional hand sanitizer, produced by a company certified by the medical sector.  Hand sanitizer that works. Functional Hand Sanitizer.

Our partners are coming mostly from the healthcare sector: hospitals, clinics, Ambulance services, general practitioner offices, private clinics and private surgeries.


Highly certified.

Owning the 3rd biggest capacity company in the world, there must be only a few on the world which we do not have already, but should we miss some, we are always ready to make the necessary steps to get a hold of what is required.

Important! The products manufactured my Ultragel have medical and not cosmetical classification!

Because, not all sanitizer are… sanitizers.

Ask for more details and, probably, the most COMPETITIVE quotation on the market. Half price than most hand sanitizers.

Write us info@astreea.com.

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