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Organ County Selects Astreea@

Orange County selects Astreea®

As the Central Florida community continues to manage the threat of coronavirus, Orange County has been seeking a long-term solution to help alleviate some of the concerns associated with the phased reopening of county operations.

We’re happy to say that Orange County, Florida elected to place Astreea® pedal-operated hand sanitizer dispensers in and around the 28-floor courthouse building in Downtown Orlando. Dispensers will be located in high-traffic areas. This includes all elevator doorways, checkpoints, entryways, exits, and more. Astreea® dispensers will also be installed at other smaller courthouse administration offices across Orange County.

Officials wanted a durable, low-maintenance, and touchless solution to help protect visitors and staff. Astreea® is a fully mechanical hand sanitizer dispenser that requires no power and is compatible with any hand sanitizer product. Its medical stainless steel construction makes it durable and weather resistant.

Orange County’s Astreea® dispensers are scheduled for delivery and installation in early June. Check back to this article for photos of installed units!

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