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Sexy Fish is bringing sexy back, with Astreea® keeping everyone safe!

Good news always travels fast! And Astreea® is the talk of the town in London, where high-end venues choose to keep their clients and staff members safe with our premium pedal hand sanitizer.

Dripping in luxury, Sexy Fish is the place to be for an immersive experience in Asian opulence. Its owners spared no expense in creating an ocean of exuberance for London’s finest. Just to get a hint of the red-carpet treatment Sexy Fish guests receive – there is always an a la carte menu inspired from Asia and a selection of cocktails from across the world, for which a group of specialists spent nine months traveling the world!

Sexy Fish is rightly considered the pearl of the Caprice Group. So, there’s no coincidence in seeing Astreea® black edition as part of the scenery here. It’s discrete and beautifully matches the elegance of the place! Sexy!

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