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Stockholm 5-star hotel At Six is protected at all times with Astreea

Have you ever spent the night in a bank? Well, Sweden’s full of surprises and one of them implies turning a building that formerly housed a financial institution into a captivating 5-star hotel. Behind a dreary façade, At Six hides a typical Northern (simple and sleek) luxurious setting.

Contemporary art spoils the eyes of the guests and around-the-clock pampering is available, thanks to the in-house spa. There is nothing management won’t do to impress the visitors. The location of the vault room, however, is still a mystery that lingers. One thing’s for sure: safety is primordial for this elegant former bank. Asteea’s Large premium pedal hand sanitizer beautifully compliments the Brutalist concrete architecture, blending in with the artistic finesse.

We’re proud of our very own piece of art because it also saves lives 😉

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