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The new Astreea® XXL is the perfect solution for heavy use.

Imagine a hand sanitizing solution that can keep up with demand at stadiums and airports. The Astreea® XXL was designed with exactly those places in mind.

While our L range is a perfect solution for frequent use, the XXL was created for environments where large numbers of people need to access hand sanitizer within a relatively short timeframe. In these situations, it’s difficult for staff to keep up with demand and oftentimes sanitizer stations can remain empty for an extended amount of time. Furthermore, these dispensers are under continuous use and are therefore subject to mechanical failure or even abuse.

With its unique square shape, the XXL features internal storage space for 3 reservoirs (1 active and 2 reserves), making it quick and easy to refill the station during the busiest times. Each reservoir has a 5 Liter capacity, amounting to almost 20,000 pedal presses. Reserve reservoirs can be refilled and restocked during slower periods.

The XXL is also designed to be even stronger than our other models. We use a special industrial-grade stainless steel to fabricate a reinforced structure. The unit can easily be bolted to the floor for safety, and the reservoir access panel is kept secure via anti-theft screws.

Learn more about the Astreea® XXL model in the video below.  Shop now by clicking here.

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