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The Oxford and Cambridge Club is back and continues to write history; Astreea is there to support it.

Imagine you’re going to a ball with London’s elite. Lavish rooms, the finest champagne in great company! You’d probably be enjoying this expensive treat at the Oxford and Cambridge Club, dating back almost 200 years. History was probably decided within its glorious walls, as the greatest minds from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge exchanged ideas and built the future of the Commonwealth.

There’s nothing ordinary about this club. Its members are carefully selected based on reference and merit. The chosen get to enjoy the “home from home in the heart of London” experience. Bedrooms adorned with the finest of tastes, dining rooms, sitting areas, and even a beautiful library giving access to over one million volumes. Some home, this is!

Of course, the Club is meant to be enjoyed with friends or business partners and can accommodate both. Since the grand re-opening is being planned in detail for September 1, Astreea was the perfect sanitizer to go with this fancy establishment.

So here we are: protecting the legacy of the most outstanding universities in the Kingdom!

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