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Igloo Astreea

There are 5,000 Astreea Igloos out there – and this is only the beginning!

Today is about celebrating the comeback to normal. 
Precisely 2 months ago, we were imagining a solution to save restaurants worldwide and we came up with the Igloo. Now, 5,000 of our igloos are making it fun and safe to eat out. Our igloos are reinventing your evenings with friends, your terrace views, your poolside scenery. Our igloos are creating the vision for a new future.
Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have witnessed the magic of the Astreea Igloo – from frosty Alaska to sunny Dubai. We’ve guarded guests against snow, wind, and rain, we’ve kept them in the shade, while also creating a safe environment to be in. Oh, and have we mentioned how cool our igloos are? They’ve taken Instagram by storm and we’re excited to see everyone enjoying them. 
So, today we want to mark this first important milestone together. Happy iglooing, everyone!

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