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Traveling looks different now, but Hilton’s Garden Inn experience remains magical; Astreea® is proudly securing its European chain of hotels

Is a night at the hotel just that? A place to put your head on the pillow? Hotel owners would argue against it. For centuries, the hospitality industry has tried to spoil their guests rotten. Some have even succeeded.
Designed not only as a home away from home, but also as an office away from the office, Hilton’s Garden Inn is the perfect mix for every gallivanter or entrepreneur around the world. Wherever you are on the planet, the Garden Inn will offer you that familiarity a traveler might be missing. It’s just one of those things that money can’t buy. 
Travelers have it hard nowadays. But the experience should stay beautiful. That is why Astreea® Model L is now part of the safety protocol of Garden Inn! Our sleek and secure pedal hand sanitizers will protect you in all their hotels around Europe. Bon voyage! We’ll be there to welcome you at the door! 

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