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We like to think we change the world with one Astreea dispenser at a time. Well, we’ve already shipped 250,000 around the globe.

We’ve done some math today: 250,000 of our premium pedal hand sanitizers have already been shipped around the world. What does that mean?

It means that 10 Million people use them every day. It means that over 300 Million have used them at least once.

But this article is not only about numbers. It’s about the people we’ve kept safe so far. About their families and the quality of their lives. About businesses who’ve found a way to move forward. About driving the economy and nurturing hope.

This is about responsibility. We thank all our partners and clients for choosing Astreea® to protect what is most important to us. And we thank them for making Astreea the most reliable sanitizing dispenser out there.


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