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We’re the talk of the town all over Catalonia and nothing could make us prouder!

Catalonia’s bustling with anticipation, as news about Astreea makes way to every inhabitant in the region. Casa Padró in Manresa has opened the door to its new terrace, but also to new possibilities in hospitality – with the help of our igloos and dispensers! As we turn into the talk of the town, our igloos and disinfecting dispensers are also the central pieces of La Dana restaurant in Móra la Nova.
Because it’s easier to fight COVID in style, on the rooftop of a beautiful old city 😊 Have we told you that our igloo can get disinfected in only 4 minutes with the use of our UV light? This makes it completely safe for all guests. Did you know our dispensers keep millions of people safe around the world?
We want restaurants and cafes back in business. So, we made it our business to create the perfect tools to protect people while they celebrate life. We’re proud to be writing history in Catalonia!

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